How to Fix Kitchen Faucet Dripping From Spout – (No Plumber Required)


Whether it is because of water leaking under your sink, or even the annoying dripping  sound that keeps you waked up at night, a leaky faucet will be a nuisance that can become a full-blown difficulty if not addressed correctly. So, here today I will tell you how to sort out from this problem of Kitchen Faucet dripping from spout.

kitchen faucet dripping from spout

First of all Tools, you will need to perform this process are:

  • Flexible wrench; C wrench
  • Phillips or flat-head screwdriver
  • Jojoba oil, for example, WD-40 or CRC
  • Replacement washers and O-rings.

Step by Step Procedure to Fix Kitchen Faucet Dripping From Spout:

Step 1:
Do not create a mess worse by altering your broken faucet into Old Faithful. Before employing any screwdriver or wrench for your fixture, ensure that your water source is switched off, from the grips over the sink into the knobs under that restrain the water coming in from the primary line.

Step 2:

Eliminate any decorative regions of the deal knobs. An easy prying using a flat-head screwdriver will look after that. Under each knob, there’ll be a screw that mounts the grip to the stem. Utilizing jojoba oil can help in loosening it, enabling you to select the faucet handle the stem.

Step 3:

Use your wrench to loosen the packing nut. From that point, you need to observe the stem. Eliminate or remove that too. Based upon the faucet, a few stalks pop right off, but some twist off from the valve. Check the removed parts for any damage.

Step 4:

When everything is intact now, inspect the O-ring and washer within the valve seat–they are the main reason behind the escape. Remove the washer and set a replacement within the seat.

Step 5:

Out of here, carefully reassemble all of the components (in the sequence of washer/O-ring, stem, packing nut, screw threads, and manage). Gradually and gently twist the knob to check the running water and then check to find out whether you’ve discovered that leak.

Hope you will understand how to fix your leaky kitchen faucet spout from dripping.

Here is a video that I think can help you more about this situation.

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